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    Why Your Vote Matters

    So, you’ve turned 18 and you’re looking at college applications, you’re young but you’re also a grownup, although not old enough to legally buy alcohol – but that’s less important. You’ll get by somehow. Much more immediate things happen when you’re 18 – you get the privilege to have a right to vote. Most of you at that age don’t understand the importance of this privilege, and I get it. I’ve been there. Some of my peers really couldn’t be bothered, but it wasn’t their fault. They just weren’t informed well enough. That’s why we’re here. We care. Your opinion matters!

    Have you ever thought about why it’s so important what you think? And by extension, why your vote is so important? Don’t let yourself stay behind, and engage the thinking part of your brain a little. Don’t be nihilistic, make a decision. Even choosing a toilet seat for your toilet is important, see ratemytoilet.net, let alone choosing a leader. Thankfully, we’re in a good place now, but you have to brace yourself for the coming elections and make the right decision.

    Well, then, let me answer those questions for you, and hopefully, you’ll want to join our club. We have candy.

    To vote is to care. Care for yourself, your community, your state, and your country. The people you vote for will hold positions of power that will represent your interests and ideals, so I recommend doing thorough research of each of them. Don’t read your liberal friends’ posts on Facebook, they’re not informative. Decide for yourself. Or check out these sources, they’re pretty good.

    I will dare say that voting is not only a right, but also a civil responsibility. Why, you ask? Because your vote could be a deciding vote in a close-call election. To this, you may say that one vote less doesn’t count. Ah, but it does! This is normal, though. A lot of people share this mentality and that’s why we’re here, to light up your way. If there’s no one to open your eyes, this country could take a bad turn.

    Just think of it as having a say in important matters of the country, only, instead of going to tedious public meetings and loudly debating for hours with pesky liberals, your argument is compactly reduced to only one vote. Easy peasy!

    And don’t forget your ‘I voted’ sticker!

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    Doing a Good Thing

    If you are of like mind, stay with me for updates on the “crisis” situation in our country. Right now our chief is facing a tough time from opponents out for the kill. Help me support my causes. The current focus is Habitat for Humanity, a charity event for my group. Part of our mission is to help the community any way we can. This means with our bare hands if necessary. We will build homes and facilities for immediate use from top to bottom. Those who know a bit of construction will take the lead.

    I have been assigned to research the appliances. We will have a modest kitchen outfitted with a stove, fridge, microwave, and small dishwasher. Then there is the matter of the water heater, a staple of any household. I am in the hunt for a tankless unit after seeing them at https://tanklesscenter.net. We all know they are state of the art, easy to install, and energy efficient. Of course, this is going to be the ideal choice. I will read the reviews on line and go from there.

    I love how we work together as a unit when on a job for Habitat for Humanity. It is a vital worldwide organization that does so much good. I am looking forward to learning new skills as we go along with the project. No, I don’t expect to become a plumber, but I can do simple things if I watch a video or have instructions. Such is the modern world.

    Meanwhile, I sit on pins and needles watching the news and waiting for the new book on Trump to die a horrible death. Why do these people lack patriotism and respect? It is time to stand up and shout.

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    Local Elections Matter

    Every political seat, whether it is held at the town or national level, is important. It may be hard to believe that, but it is true. I’ve volunteered for a few local election campaigns and I cannot believe how much I learned.

    For example, there’s elected positions for so many things on a local level. And I’m not just talking members of your HOA board. I am talking about things like your sheriff, local court judges, your state assembly, and even your town or city councilpeople. It may sound trivial or small, but those people matter.

    Think about it this way: if the federal government passes a law, it can be years before you actually see anything come of it. And even then, it might not impact you at all. You cannot say the same thing about laws passed on a local level. If the federal government decides to raise taxes, you might barely notice it, and even then you’ll only see it once you’re filing at the end of the year. However, if your local government decides to raise taxes, your property tax could go up or you could be paying more in sales tax whenever you buy anything. The feeling is much more immediate and impactful.

    Local elections have one of the lowest turnouts in this country and that is stupid. Their actions have more bearing your day to day life, so you should want to have a say in electing them. You should really be paying attention to who they are, what they believe, and when their terms are up. You should want to choose people who are doing to do a good job and whose values align with your own. You want people who are going to pass local and state laws that you agree with. You also want to pick law enforcement personal that will enforce the laws you support and judges who make decisions that uphold your values.

    I remember being a kid when the doorbell rang during dinner. My parents were annoyed at whoever the guest was for interrupting dinner. My dad answered and it was the County Executive. He wanted to know if my parents had any concerns about the neighborhood. My dad pointed to the end of our driveway at a huge puddle. “Well,” he said in his dad voice, “I could use a drain at the end of the driveway, but Public Works won’t listen to me.” And you know what? A week later someone was there, digging a hole and installing a drain. When people come over and my dad points out the drain and how we got it, my dad actively campaigns for this guy. He has since moved on to higher positions, and he has the vote of everyone in my house for as long as he continues to run for office.

    If we hadn’t met him while he was a local politician, we might not be so loyal. So that’s another way local elections matter. They’re the ones who will actually get things done for you on a personal and immediate level. Be sure to pay attention and contact them. They need to be in touch with their constituents and the things that matter to the people in their district.

    I hope I’ve explained the importance of local elections enough that now you’ll participate in them!

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    Conservative News Sources

    Things in the world are changing so quickly that it is hard to keep up. As a good citizen who wants to be politically savvy, it presents some interesting challenges. So many news sources seem more interested in painting the President into a despot instead of reporting actual news that people want to know about. So the question is, who can we trust to give us fair news and not just biased garbage?

    Obnoxious liberals can take their pick from useless sources like CNN and The New York Times. Conservatives don’t need the Jeff Bezos’s of the world telling us what to think while running their businesses in a completely different way. We’re smart enough to recognize the hypocrisy look for something with some actual integrity. Fox News is always a good option because at least they have an actual relationship with the President. They actually get their questions answered so they don’t have to make stuff up.

    Other good sources are the Drudge Report, Breitbart, and InfoWars. Liberals hate these sources so much, I enjoy using them as a reference. Not that they ever listen. They wouldn’t know what real news was even if it jumped up and punched them.

    Sometimes I want to get more in-depth with a topic, and it has been difficult wading through the Fake News and liberal nonsense to find good sources. I’ve got a few that I use, though. I’ve found them to be really reliable in coverage about conservative topics as well as being reputable news sources.

    One great option is the National Review. Both a biweekly magazine and a website, the National Review has been covering conservative interests since 1955. The National Review has just about everything you could possibly want, from news to commentary to opinion pieces. Their National Review Institute even offers programming for conservatives. I highly recommend checking them out as a reliable and trustworthy source of information.

    I also like reading The American Conservative. Available in print, via Kindle, and online, The American Conservative has information on politics in this country and around the world. It also hosts an impressive culture section and a variety of blogs. Their purpose is to promote the values of “Main Street USA,” opposing unchecked governmental powers, free markets, and international restraint. They also host a variety of events around the country.

    Finally, my other go-to is The Christian Science Monitor. If you haven’t heard of the others on my list, chances are you’ve heard of this one. Offering daily digital information and a podcast as well as a weekly print and digital magazine, it contains more than just information appealing to Christians. They cover national and world news in addition to economic issues and cultural arts. There’s even a section on science and nature.

    What is your conservative go-to source for news and information? I like to be well-informed, so I am always looking for a new site to check out. Let me know in the comments.

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    Choose a Side

    When you turn 18 and register to vote, they ask you if you have a party affiliation. I know a lot of people who choose “independent” because they want to be able to vote however they want. They’re making a mistake. That is not what they are really asking. They are asking you what party you want to help shape.

    Now, I understand that some people are cautious about voting along party lines all the time. They want to keep their options open and vote for the candidate they feel is the best in any given election and not simply the person their party puts up. And other people don’t feel like they belong specifically to one party or another. They feel like they are somewhere in the middle. Again, they’re making a mistake. You don’t need to be on the outside looking in. You can actually be inside, helping to mold and shape a party to be the things you want and need it to be in order to vote in that direction.

    I’m not just saying this because I am a staunch Republican. I’m saying this because I care about democracy. Do you know the real reason why they ask for party affiliation when you register to vote?  It’s for one reason, and one reason only: primaries.

    If you don’t already know, a primary is like an election, only it is within the same party. Instead of voting someone in to a specific office the way you would in a general election, you are selecting the candidate you feel will best represent your interests and your party in the actual election. In other words, you’re choosing the horse you want to run in the race. Do you realize how important that is? All those people who were complaining in the last Presidential election about how both choices were terrible should have voted in the primary for a particular party. They could have brought a different candidate to the table. Primaries are the first step toward getting a viable candidate to run on the things you believe in. And the good news is that come the actual election, you’re still not obligated to vote for anyone. You can vote however you want.

    The other good thing about picking a party is that you are more aware of things that go on and are in more contact with your elected officials. Being part of the College Republicans has allowed me to meet politicians on the local and state level. I’ve done meet and greets and dinners. I’ve volunteered to do canvassing and put up campaign signs. I’ve helped with mailings and donation calls. None of that would have been possible without the Republican party knowing which side I am on.

    So think about it. It’s never too late to switch your affiliation from Independent to a party, and it is pretty easy to switch parties as well. You are never locked in to a single thing and always have the right to change your mind. There really is no downside to choosing a side, and there’s a whole lot of upside.

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    You Really Should Join

    A great thing about joining the College Republicans is that you get to meet like-minded people. Chances are there will be people on your college campus that hold the same types of values and political opinions as you. On some college campuses, the liberal agenda dominates, and Republican values are derided. But you can rest assured that at College Republican meetings and events, you will not have those kinds of issues.

    Here in Minnesota, there are lots of different chapters. We’re at most of the state schools and at major universities. But if you go to a smaller school or one that does not already have a Republican presence, you can always start your own group. We make it pretty easy and we can help you get your club up and running within the regulations of your particular school.

    I joined freshman year and it has really helped me make the most of my college experience. I’ve been able to meet people who have become true friends. I’ve gotten close enough to some that they’ve been girlfriends or roommates. It is one club that I definitely don’t mind participating in.

    Another benefit to being part of a group like this is that you hear about great internships and volunteer opportunities before anybody else. The GOP knows they have a young and eager workforce within these organizations and so they have a talented pool of students to choose from. Many alumni from my group have gone on to internships for different leaders or campaigns and some have turned their experience into paid positions. If you are thinking of, or are, a Political Science major or are studying public policy, joining your local College Republicans chapter is a real no-brainer.

    Different chapters throughout the state also host events like mixers, invite speakers, or host holiday parties. It is a great way to meet people you would not get a chance to otherwise and form good connections. A lot in this world depends on who you know and this is a great way to meet some people who are definitely going places and have the same political leanings you do. It seems silly that those things matter but they really do. It only benefits you to take advantage of that fact.

    So far I think my most rewarding experience was last fall when I was working with some other College Republicans to help register our fellow classmates to vote. This was many students’ first Presidential election and even if they didn’t vote the way I was hoping, it was important to get people registered and allow their voice to be heard. I even drove a shuttle bus to get students to and from a nearby polling place! Others in the group volunteered to drive seniors and other people who might not readily have a vehicle to their polling places as well.

    It’s been really great for me and I know I’ll be able to use these experiences to my full advantage when I graduate and start looking for a job. You should seriously consider doing the same if you haven’t already.

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    Stay Strong, Republicans!

    The President is a really divisive person. Most people either love or hate him. At least, that’s what you would think if you believed all that fake-news liberal garbage out there. In reality, there are plenty of Republican voting people who think some of his policies are great – like border protection – and there are other things some Republicans think he should take a little more time on before tweeting. But on the whole, we would all rather have our guy in the White House, dictating the agenda and appointing conservative judges to the courts.

    And just because we voted for him instead of crooked Hillary doesn’t mean we’re racist, uneducated, toothless hillbillies. Most of my college friends and I did not necessarily vote for him in the primaries, but we certainly voted for him on election day. And thank God he won.

    I know some Republicans who are a little on edge with this so-called “Blue Wave” of Democrats being voted into office. But it doesn’t matter. The overwhelming majority of people have spoken, and they want the GOP in power. They don’t want to worry about making money that will get taxed to death just so the lazy illegal alien next door can get food stamps and collect unemployment. They want their kids to go to safe schools, they want to be able to defend their home however they see fit, and they want the government to tax them less and waste less money while they’re at it, too. And since we still have a majority, that’s all possible. The Blue Wave will get them closer, maybe, but it isn’t going to make much difference.

    Most of the time, the majority is all we need anyway. We’ve got the White House, we’ve got both houses of Congress, and we’re on our way to taking over the Supreme Court and hundreds of other smaller courts below that. That means we’re the ones in charge. We get to pass the laws and uphold the laws, and we also get to challenge and change the ones we don’t like.

    The Democrats can put on a dog-and-pony show to express how they don’t care about doing the right thing or to impress their base, but the rest of the country is watching and they aren’t fooled by that stuff. Let’s face it, even when the Democrats have the White House and the Supreme Court, they can’t get anything done because they’re useless.

    So while the liberal media may make it seem like the GOP is failing and that we’re not doing well, the reality is much different. We have the power now. We are just as strong now as we have ever been – even more so now that we’ve survived 8 long years of Obama’s foolishness. We now have the ability (or the obligation) to fix his mistakes. We will continue to thrive because we know what people want: the right to believe in God, the right to defend themselves however they see fit, and the idea of Americans being American and speaking English here just like everyone else who lives in this country.

    Come to a meeting of your local Republican group or volunteer to help out Republican candidate races and you’ll definitely see what I mean.