FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Trump Wins Young Millennials in Minnesota

Contact: Amanda Peterson
Chairman, Minnesota College Republicans

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Trump Wins Young Millennials in Minnesota

While we are sad about Trump’s loss in Minnesota, we are proud to announce that Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence received 48% of the vote for those aged 18-24 in the state of Minnesota. Hillary Clinton received 43% of the vote with 18-24 year olds¹. This means that Trump did 5 points better than Clinton in the deep-blue state of Minnesota among young millennials. These young, millennial voters aged 18-24 made up 10% of the electorate in Minnesota. 

Not only did Trump outperform Clinton in Minnesota among this key, college-aged demographic, but he outperformed Trump’s national numbers as well. Donald Trump obtained 35% of 18-24 year olds’ votes nationally², which means that in Minnesota Trump outperformed the 18-24 year old demographic by 13 points.

The Minnesota College Republicans would like to thank all of our chapter chairs, our state board, our donors, and our many activists and CRs across the state. We are all extremely proud to have played a small role in this victory.

  ¹Source: CNN Exit Polls, Minnesota

  ²Source: CNN Exit Polls, National 


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