Stay Strong, Republicans!

The President is a really divisive person. Most people either love or hate him. At least, that’s what you would think if you believed all that fake-news liberal garbage out there. In reality, there are plenty of Republican voting people who think some of his policies are great – like border protection – and there are other things some Republicans think he should take a little more time on before tweeting. But on the whole, we would all rather have our guy in the White House, dictating the agenda and appointing conservative judges to the courts.

And just because we voted for him instead of crooked Hillary doesn’t mean we’re racist, uneducated, toothless hillbillies. Most of my college friends and I did not necessarily vote for him in the primaries, but we certainly voted for him on election day. And thank God he won.

I know some Republicans who are a little on edge with this so-called “Blue Wave” of Democrats being voted into office. But it doesn’t matter. The overwhelming majority of people have spoken, and they want the GOP in power. They don’t want to worry about making money that will get taxed to death just so the lazy illegal alien next door can get food stamps and collect unemployment. They want their kids to go to safe schools, they want to be able to defend their home however they see fit, and they want the government to tax them less and waste less money while they’re at it, too. And since we still have a majority, that’s all possible. The Blue Wave will get them closer, maybe, but it isn’t going to make much difference.

Most of the time, the majority is all we need anyway. We’ve got the White House, we’ve got both houses of Congress, and we’re on our way to taking over the Supreme Court and hundreds of other smaller courts below that. That means we’re the ones in charge. We get to pass the laws and uphold the laws, and we also get to challenge and change the ones we don’t like.

The Democrats can put on a dog-and-pony show to express how they don’t care about doing the right thing or to impress their base, but the rest of the country is watching and they aren’t fooled by that stuff. Let’s face it, even when the Democrats have the White House and the Supreme Court, they can’t get anything done because they’re useless.

So while the liberal media may make it seem like the GOP is failing and that we’re not doing well, the reality is much different. We have the power now. We are just as strong now as we have ever been – even more so now that we’ve survived 8 long years of Obama’s foolishness. We now have the ability (or the obligation) to fix his mistakes. We will continue to thrive because we know what people want: the right to believe in God, the right to defend themselves however they see fit, and the idea of Americans being American and speaking English here just like everyone else who lives in this country.

Come to a meeting of your local Republican group or volunteer to help out Republican candidate races and you’ll definitely see what I mean.