You Really Should Join

A great thing about joining the College Republicans is that you get to meet like-minded people. Chances are there will be people on your college campus that hold the same types of values and political opinions as you. On some college campuses, the liberal agenda dominates, and Republican values are derided. But you can rest assured that at College Republican meetings and events, you will not have those kinds of issues.

Here in Minnesota, there are lots of different chapters. We’re at most of the state schools and at major universities. But if you go to a smaller school or one that does not already have a Republican presence, you can always start your own group. We make it pretty easy and we can help you get your club up and running within the regulations of your particular school.

I joined freshman year and it has really helped me make the most of my college experience. I’ve been able to meet people who have become true friends. I’ve gotten close enough to some that they’ve been girlfriends or roommates. It is one club that I definitely don’t mind participating in.

Another benefit to being part of a group like this is that you hear about great internships and volunteer opportunities before anybody else. The GOP knows they have a young and eager workforce within these organizations and so they have a talented pool of students to choose from. Many alumni from my group have gone on to internships for different leaders or campaigns and some have turned their experience into paid positions. If you are thinking of, or are, a Political Science major or are studying public policy, joining your local College Republicans chapter is a real no-brainer.

Different chapters throughout the state also host events like mixers, invite speakers, or host holiday parties. It is a great way to meet people you would not get a chance to otherwise and form good connections. A lot in this world depends on who you know and this is a great way to meet some people who are definitely going places and have the same political leanings you do. It seems silly that those things matter but they really do. It only benefits you to take advantage of that fact.

So far I think my most rewarding experience was last fall when I was working with some other College Republicans to help register our fellow classmates to vote. This was many students’ first Presidential election and even if they didn’t vote the way I was hoping, it was important to get people registered and allow their voice to be heard. I even drove a shuttle bus to get students to and from a nearby polling place! Others in the group volunteered to drive seniors and other people who might not readily have a vehicle to their polling places as well.

It’s been really great for me and I know I’ll be able to use these experiences to my full advantage when I graduate and start looking for a job. You should seriously consider doing the same if you haven’t already.