Conservative News Sources

Things in the world are changing so quickly that it is hard to keep up. As a good citizen who wants to be politically savvy, it presents some interesting challenges. So many news sources seem more interested in painting the President into a despot instead of reporting actual news that people want to know about. So the question is, who can we trust to give us fair news and not just biased garbage?

Obnoxious liberals can take their pick from useless sources like CNN and The New York Times. Conservatives don’t need the Jeff Bezos’s of the world telling us what to think while running their businesses in a completely different way. We’re smart enough to recognize the hypocrisy look for something with some actual integrity. Fox News is always a good option because at least they have an actual relationship with the President. They actually get their questions answered so they don’t have to make stuff up.

Other good sources are the Drudge Report, Breitbart, and InfoWars. Liberals hate these sources so much, I enjoy using them as a reference. Not that they ever listen. They wouldn’t know what real news was even if it jumped up and punched them.

Sometimes I want to get more in-depth with a topic, and it has been difficult wading through the Fake News and liberal nonsense to find good sources. I’ve got a few that I use, though. I’ve found them to be really reliable in coverage about conservative topics as well as being reputable news sources.

One great option is the National Review. Both a biweekly magazine and a website, the National Review has been covering conservative interests since 1955. The National Review has just about everything you could possibly want, from news to commentary to opinion pieces. Their National Review Institute even offers programming for conservatives. I highly recommend checking them out as a reliable and trustworthy source of information.

I also like reading The American Conservative. Available in print, via Kindle, and online, The American Conservative has information on politics in this country and around the world. It also hosts an impressive culture section and a variety of blogs. Their purpose is to promote the values of “Main Street USA,” opposing unchecked governmental powers, free markets, and international restraint. They also host a variety of events around the country.

Finally, my other go-to is The Christian Science Monitor. If you haven’t heard of the others on my list, chances are you’ve heard of this one. Offering daily digital information and a podcast as well as a weekly print and digital magazine, it contains more than just information appealing to Christians. They cover national and world news in addition to economic issues and cultural arts. There’s even a section on science and nature.

What is your conservative go-to source for news and information? I like to be well-informed, so I am always looking for a new site to check out. Let me know in the comments.