Doing a Good Thing

If you are of like mind, stay with me for updates on the “crisis” situation in our country. Right now our chief is facing a tough time from opponents out for the kill. Help me support my causes. The current focus is Habitat for Humanity, a charity event for my group. Part of our mission is to help the community any way we can. This means with our bare hands if necessary. We will build homes and facilities for immediate use from top to bottom. Those who know a bit of construction will take the lead.

I have been assigned to research the appliances. We will have a modest kitchen outfitted with a stove, fridge, microwave, and small dishwasher. Then there is the matter of the water heater, a staple of any household. I am in the hunt for a tankless unit after seeing them at https://tanklesscenter.net. We all know they are state of the art, easy to install, and energy efficient. Of course, this is going to be the ideal choice. I will read the reviews on line and go from there.

I love how we work together as a unit when on a job for Habitat for Humanity. It is a vital worldwide organization that does so much good. I am looking forward to learning new skills as we go along with the project. No, I don’t expect to become a plumber, but I can do simple things if I watch a video or have instructions. Such is the modern world.

Meanwhile, I sit on pins and needles watching the news and waiting for the new book on Trump to die a horrible death. Why do these people lack patriotism and respect? It is time to stand up and shout.