Why Your Vote Matters

So, you’ve turned 18 and you’re looking at college applications, you’re young but you’re also a grownup, although not old enough to legally buy alcohol – but that’s less important. You’ll get by somehow. Much more immediate things happen when you’re 18 – you get the privilege to have a right to vote. Most of you at that age don’t understand the importance of this privilege, and I get it. I’ve been there. Some of my peers really couldn’t be bothered, but it wasn’t their fault. They just weren’t informed well enough. That’s why we’re here. We care. Your opinion matters!

Have you ever thought about why it’s so important what you think? And by extension, why your vote is so important? Don’t let yourself stay behind, and engage the thinking part of your brain a little. Don’t be nihilistic, make a decision. Even choosing a toilet seat for your toilet is important, see ratemytoilet.net, let alone choosing a leader. Thankfully, we’re in a good place now, but you have to brace yourself for the coming elections and make the right decision.

Well, then, let me answer those questions for you, and hopefully, you’ll want to join our club. We have candy.

To vote is to care. Care for yourself, your community, your state, and your country. The people you vote for will hold positions of power that will represent your interests and ideals, so I recommend doing thorough research of each of them. Don’t read your liberal friends’ posts on Facebook, they’re not informative. Decide for yourself. Or check out these sources, they’re pretty good.

I will dare say that voting is not only a right, but also a civil responsibility. Why, you ask? Because your vote could be a deciding vote in a close-call election. To this, you may say that one vote less doesn’t count. Ah, but it does! This is normal, though. A lot of people share this mentality and that’s why we’re here, to light up your way. If there’s no one to open your eyes, this country could take a bad turn.

Just think of it as having a say in important matters of the country, only, instead of going to tedious public meetings and loudly debating for hours with pesky liberals, your argument is compactly reduced to only one vote. Easy peasy!

And don’t forget your ‘I voted’ sticker!